Renting cars and minivans from Breckenridge co from Denver allows you to quickly and comfortably get to your desired location. For trips around the city or between neighboring cities, a rented vehicle has advantages over buses due to its compactness. Our fleet of vehicles can be selected for a small group, so as not to make unnecessary stops and get to the right place faster.

What is better to order – a minivan, an SUV, or a bus?

Having visited the website of the carrier company, the client may think: to order a minivan/SUV or a bus? Let’s try to figure it out. The minivan appeared later than the bus. For some tasks, it is more convenient. In passenger transportation, there are fans of one and the second. Since the compactness of the minivan does not prevent even international trips from being made on it, its features can be distinguished in comparison with its older brother.

Advantages of ordering a minivan/SUV over a tourist or public bus:

  • can pick up passengers individually, and after the end of the trip take them home – saving on a taxi to the airport or home;
  • since there are fewer passengers, it is easier for the driver to make a stop on request;
  • greater mobility – it is easier to drive in heavy traffic, on narrow roads, to find a parking place;
  • Due to the smaller number of passengers, border inspection and border crossing between cities pass faster.

Features of providing rental vehicles from our company

When creating this minivan and SUV, the developers proceeded with two tasks: reducing the truck and increasing the passenger car, without exceeding its dimensions too much. The result of these two aspirations was a car that is universal for a big city: roomy, less than a truck, and a tourist bus. It is now possible to order such a vehicle to replace both vehicles.

Minivans are cars with the following features:

  • one floor;
  • small diameter of the wheel, approaching the wheel of a car;
  • small cabin height;
  • the number of seats – up to 16, including the driver’s seat.

Even fewer minivans are SUVs – cars with 5-6 passenger seats. If a passenger car is not enough, and there is no need for a bus, the right decision would be to order a minivan on our official website It is suitable for any task where you need to carry less than 16 passengers. It is especially convenient to make such passenger transportation since it is compact and more mobile than a bus. It is convenient to go on tourist tours because with a small group it is easy to change the route.

By Harriet