Beardsley Zoo takes precaution against Bird Flu

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WFSB) – With circumstances of the perhaps fatal fowl flu getting reported throughout the region, the point out is inquiring all those with birds to be proactive and take precaution.

From owls and eagles to tropical birds, and even ducks and chickens, the Beardsley Zoo has a great deal of wonderful feathered friends.

The workers right here is taking steps to retain them risk-free with confirmed chicken flu circumstances in the us, a person even as close as lengthy island.

“This is a virus that can be past from chook to hen, any place in the globe,” mentioned Jim Knox.

Knox is the curator of education with the zoo.

Even though its a very low hazard to human beings, the problem is wild birds impacting the some of the exhibits.

So that signifies you might not see all of the zoo’s birds.

The aviary is shut and the waterfowl, normally spotted around the duck pond, have been moved inside.

“Birds, not like mammals, can travel vast distances in quick period of time of time and mainly because they digest their meals at a extra rapid fee, any time they go to the toilet, that is a method of transmission, so birds can be spreading the virus speedily to other birds,” said Knox.

Though the aviary is off limits, the Beardsley Zoo continue to has lots of exhibits and a good deal of birds.

“Our upper farmyard, we have our raptors, as properly as chickens. All those men all have coverings above their roofs over their enclosures so folks can see the birds and however take pleasure in that working experience, it is just that we just can’t exhibit all of our birds appropriate now,” said Knox.

Knox suggests people would seem to recognize, stressing as shortly as the climate warms and migration slows down in a number of weeks and the virus should really far too.

The hope is that’s when they’ll get all the birds back again out in general public check out.

“It’s normal, we count on it to happen, and our occupation is to anticipate, be proactive and adapt as we go to make certain we’re executing our quite greatest,” reported Knox.

By Harriet