Big cat gets a CAT scan at London Zoo for the first time

A large cat with earache acquired the star therapy at London Zoo on Monday.

The veterinary team employed a cell CAT scanner to investigate their Asiatic lion’s recurrent ear bacterial infections.

Veterinarians dealing with the 12-yr-previous lion introduced the scanner to the London Zoological Society (ZSL) conservation zoo to thoroughly look into his troublesome remaining ear canal, after other actions failed to solve the difficulty.

“Bhanu is an important member of the European-broad breeding programme for endangered Asiatic lions and deserves the pretty finest treatment,” states the zoo’s senior veterinary officer Taina Strike.

“So we organized the whole VIP remedy bringing a CAT scanner to a huge cat for the initial time, so we could see deeper into his ear without having him needing to travel.”

Bhanu was safely anaesthetised prior to being meticulously transported to the mobile CAT scanner on the again of a flatbed truck.

From there, it took 6 users of ZSL’s group to gently raise the 180kg lion into the correct place on the scanner.

The diagnostics also involved authorities from throughout the globe, as a scan professional in Australia with encounter of doing the job with big cats was also present through movie url to stay evaluate the success.

The team could speedily rule out any worst-situation situations, these kinds of as a tumour or a deep-seated an infection, which would present up on a CAT scan right away.

They concluded that Bhanu had a incredibly narrow left ear canal, which was prone to blockages and infections.

“Just like your pet cat at residence, massive cats can by natural means get ear infections too, which are usually handled with ear drops,” says Taina.

Vets took the option to give Bhanu’s ear a thorough clean and treatment, ahead of getting the large cat back to his household to wake up.

The staff have considering that shaped a very long-phrase therapy strategy for his care.

Alternatively of ear drops, the significant feline will acquire frequent oral medicine to reduce inflammation in his ear canal, anti-fungals to handle any infection and a comprehensive ear clean up all through his yearly health examine.

Check out the video clip previously mentioned to see how Bhanu experienced his CAT scan.

By Harriet