Blake Shelton Dressed As A Pink Easter Bunny For Gwen Stefani, And He Looks Straight Out Of Dr. Seuss’ The Shining | Cinemablend

When you think of pink fluffy creatures that pop up to make daily life sweeter and additional candy coated, there’s a additional-than-very good prospect you’re capable to stay clear of considering about Blake Shelton the whole time. Generally, the pinkest and/or fluffiest items in Shelton’s lifestyle are either his co-decide on The Voice, Kelly Clarkson, or his pop star wife of just about a yr, Gwen Stefani. 2022 delivered a thing of an Easter wonder, or whichever the specific reverse of that is, as the award-amassing place star donned a whole-overall body Easter Bunny costume, with pink fur from ear tips to toe tips. To discuss with as small hyperbole as probable, the visual of him strolling down a hallway is suitable out of Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining, as seasoned by means of a Dr. Seuss-formed prism. with just a dash of Teletubbies-ish nightmare powder mixed in.

Check out out the movie below, as shared by Gwen Stefani on Instagram, to get a really feel for just how Blake Shelton’s pink-as-a-Peep Easter Bunny might search lumbering down just one of the hallways within The Shining’s legendary Outlook Lodge. 

By Harriet