DOOR COUNTY LEAGUE: Islanders Host Bays in Battle to Stay in Title Race


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DOOR COUNTY LEAGUE: Islanders Host Bays in Battle to Stay in Title Race

In a recent article, I talked about how sports are just games. What they can also be is an outlet: a way to get lost or escape, if only for a few hours.

Recent events in this country have left most of us saddened, shocked and angered. It’s easy to get caught up in the political argument, but when innocent people lose their lives, it’s a travesty and an injustice. Even if you’re not directly affected by an event, it can still rock you to your core and leave you depressed and questioning the world around you. And although it won’t go completely away and out of your mind, at least during a game such as baseball, you have an outlet. 

The Swami was a perfect 4-0 last week to bring his season total to 28-8. Let’s take a look at Week 10.

Egg Harbor’s Brady Kita (left) approaches home plate to score July 1 at Baileys Harbor. Photo by Kevin Boneske.


West Jacksonport (5-4) @ Institute (2-7)

The Ports were breathing down Kolberg’s neck just two weeks ago, but two straight loses have them tied for the fourth playoff spot. A tight game against the Bays was lost late, and now they must regroup and travel to Institute to play a team that has been playing better as of late. 

The Cubs were in a tight one Sunday – down 4-3 in the eighth inning – but a questionable call and some defensive troubles again put the game out of reach. The Cubs are 2-2 at home, and in the first meeting between these two, the Cubs held the Ports to just six runs. Problem was, the Cubs didn’t score any.

Swami says: Ports.


Sister Bay (6-3) @ Washington Island (6-3)

Let’s just call this game what it is: the last chance at staying in the title race. A loss by either team could drop them three games back, with only four to go. 

The Bays got back on track with a pitching gem. Sam Forkert threw well, but it was Matt Hecht who sealed the deal for the Bays. 

The Islanders have found home cooking to their liking. Their three losses have all come on the road, including the first game against the Bays, when they lost 6-1. It’s been no secret that the Islanders just play better at home. In their three losses, they have scored only 11 runs. They have scored that many or more in five of their wins. This one truly could go either way, but I love to give Island fans something to talk about.

Swami says: Bays.

Kolberg (8-1) @ Egg Harbor (4-5)

The Braves exacted some revenge on the Mets, who, up to this point, were the only team to tarnish their record. It’s one thing to have a dominating pitcher in Trevor Reinhardt, but it’s another to have that same pitcher contribute with the bat in the way he did Sunday. Hitting for the cycle at a higher level of baseball is no easy feat. An incredible day.

The Indians have won two in a row, but they started the year off that way, too, before dropping five in a row. The return of Alex Byrne to eating up some innings for Egg Harbor was key as he showed some of this form that led the Indians to back-to-back titles just a few years ago. 

Swami says: Braves.

Baileys Harbor (0-9) @ Maplewood (5-4)

The As’ woes continued Friday night, but it was a little tighter than the score indicates. Having been there myself, I know that after a while, it’s hard to lace them up every week and take the losses as they have. However, if you look at the history of this league, at some point it turns around. Sister Bay was a very bad team during the late 1990s, and, well, you see what it’s done since. 

The Mets are a good team, but they found out Sunday what a great team can look like at times. All the Mets have to do this week is pick themselves up off the turf and focus on the bigger picture. They’re tied for the fourth playoff spot, and in some respects, control their own destiny. This team has surprised some folks this year, but probably not itself. 

Swami says: Mets get back in the win column. 

Egg Harbor’s Riley Spetz (right) dives back to first base July 1 to beat the pick-off throw to Baileys Harbor’s Cooper Cole (00). Photo by Kevin Boneske.

Week 9 Results

Egg Harbor 11, Baileys Harbor 2

Washington Island 11, Institute 3

Sister Bay 4, West Jacksonport 2

Kolberg 19, Maplewood 4


Kolberg 8-1

Sister Bay 6-3

Washington Island 6-3

Maplewood 5-4

West Jacksonport 5-4

Egg Harbor 4-5

Institute 2-7

Baileys Harbor 0-9

By Harriet