First Black Woman To Visit All 195 Countries Releasing Memoir


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First Black Woman To Visit Every Country In The World To Release Memoir Inspiring Travel And Intentional Living

Jessica Nabongo’s daily life is entire of bucket checklist-deserving moments. The writer and entrepreneur life by the ideas that the globe is one massive community, persons are inherently very good, and anyone has the ability to generate the daily life they want. So it is no surprise that the 38-12 months-old grew to become the first Black girl to journey to all 195 international locations in the environment. Immediately after chronicling her adventures in her well known vacation and way of life website, ‘The Capture Me if You Can,’ Nabongo is planning to share individuals ordeals in a new way. Her debut memoir of the exact same title, The Catch Me If You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Each State in the World, is set to be produced June 14.

The travelogue, released by National Geographic, highlights 100 of her most loved destinations. Whether or not she’s recounting whizzing as a result of the dust streets of Uganda on the again of a boda boda or pet sledding in Norway, her encounters give an alternate viewpoint of world wide journey and experience, since they’re coming from the lens of a Black lady.

“It was my own journey to stop by each state in the environment. But shut to the complete line, it turned so much greater than me,” Nabongo tells ESSENCE.


She claims that customarily, the worldwide journey market has been dominated by white gentlemen. Just one of her plans is to alter that to motivate other Black girls to press past any worry they might have of solo travel, and to also make it much more frequent to face women who appear like her looking at the world.

“I am a Black woman, but outside of that, my travels have been formed by the actuality that I’m visibly African,” the Ugandan-American globetrotter says. “To that close, I have experienced some troubles with immigration with people pondering that my passport is bogus.”

But according to her, the good activities far outweigh any poor.

“Overall, I have experienced 99.9 percent awesome encounters,” she claims. “I never feel like my race hinders me in my travel. I shift with good electricity, and I genuinely consider that the planet is my oyster.”

Nabongo’s infectious optimism is reflected in each individual website page of the memoir, letting viewers to achieve insight into her journey through every colorful excursion.

“I want individuals to read this e-book and question by themselves if they are truly residing the existence they want to are living,” she states.

It is the query she’s pondered in the previous, spurring some of her most audacious choices — leaving a high-profile company occupation, shifting across the entire world a lot of periods about, and in the end generating it her mission to check out just about every country.

Nabongo in Afghanistan – ELTON ANDERSON

Nabongo, at one particular time, climbed the company ladder, functioning for a pharmaceutical corporation. It was work that offered a six-figure income and perks, but was also accompanied by depression.

“If any person seemed at my daily life, they would have stated that I was productive, but I was so unsatisfied,” she recollects.

In 2008 she quit her position, shaved her head, and moved to Japan, the location she credits for altering the trajectory of her existence.

Right after a year-extensive stint operating as a trainer in a small suburb outdoors of Kyoto, Japan, she decided she no extended wished to return to the United States to get the job done a 9-to-5. As an alternative, she aspired to continue on checking out the entire world.

“I traveled until eventually I ran out of cash,” she states with a chuckle. 

Encouraged by friends to begin a GoFundMe, she raised $20,000 pounds from her neighborhood, letting her to continue on her travels. She also identified distant work that furnished her the possibility to function from any area.

“One of the misconceptions people have is that touring was my entire-time occupation, but it wasn’t” she claims. “It was significant to me, so I produced it do the job when also functioning a work that delivered me with a income.”

In 2015, she turned to entrepreneurship, founding Jet Black, a luxury journey enterprise.

Nabongo’s tale is definitely outstanding and total of firsts that are shared in The Catch Me If You Can but to her, the memoir is much more than a travel guide to tout her worldly adventures. Though loaded with website page-turning tales of foreign excursions, swoon-deserving pictures, and functional guidelines for each and every kind of tourist, she hopes visitors attain a lot more than just wanderlust just after looking at her debut work.

Shopping in Nigeria – RENE DANIELLA

“It’s definitely a attractive tale of humanity,” she states. “The reserve isn’t about convincing people to journey to every country in the world. It is to show individuals that their desires are legitimate and achievable.”

It’s been a lot more than two many years given that Nabongo checked off the 195th place on her list: The Seychelles, which she did surrounded by close friends and household. Although she’s attained one particular of her biggest feats, she suggests additional is continue to to arrive, mainly because her life is all about “dreaming, producing, and attaining the impossible.”

The Capture Me if You Can: A person Woman’s Journey to Each individual Place in the Earth is readily available June 14 at all big merchants.

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By Harriet