It’s twins! Salisbury Zoo makes big announcement for Andean bear Chaska


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The Salisbury Zoo has double the motives to celebrate with the announcement that its female Andean bear, Chaska, has presented start to twins.

On Sunday, Jan. 16, Chaska gave beginning to twin boys. New child bears are incredibly fragile. At birth, Andean bear cubs weigh fewer than a pound and will not open up their eyes for more than a month, so the past two months were being vital as mother and the cubs bonded.

Andean bears choose peaceful and seclusion to give start and are pretty inclined to disturbance, which may induce abandonment.

Pinocchio, the father of the cubs, is divided from Chaska and the toddlers. He has access to his den and the bear yards which is obvious to the public. This separation mimics behaviors of wild Andean bears as the male does not continue to be with the female and cubs.

On Sunday, Jan. 16, the Salisbury Zoo's Andean bear, Chaska, gave birth to twin boys.

On Sunday, Jan. 16, the Salisbury Zoo’s Andean bear, Chaska, gave beginning to twin boys.

“We can only picture how satisfied Chaska is emotion ideal now. We know absolutely everyone will be so thrilled to satisfy the cubs once they are out on exhibit, but till then, they can get sneak-peaks of them by means of our social media” said Zoo Director Leonora Dillon.

This is the third beginning for Chaska, who just turned 12 many years previous, but her initially birth of twins. As the cubs get a minor even larger all through the following month, they will be venturing outside the house, enabling readers to see them.

By way of the Salisbury Zoo’s partnership with Ecuador, the Zoo has been ready to go on its extended-phrase motivation to the conservation of this species. It is approximated there are less than 10,000 Andean bears left in the wild. They are the only bear found in South The us and live in the Andes Mountains region.

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This article initially appeared on Salisbury Every day Occasions: A double celebration: Salisbury Zoo’s Andean bear presents start to twins

By Harriet