If no one has ever visited it, then it is the attention of the moment of the tariff. We are talking about Lake Orta which is located in Piedmont, in the province of Novara. Second near the large Lake Maggiore, yet compared to him it is really much smaller, it really has nothing to envy him. You can go there at any time, even on a beautiful sunny Sunday, and take the opportunity to visit especially Orta San Giulio. Let’s see below on Orta San Giulio, all you need to know 

Lake Orta (Orta San Giulio) - 2020 What to Know Before You Go ...

This beautiful village is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The first thing that stands out is the beautiful pier that plunges into the water next to the Town Hall, which is located in the premises of the amazing Villa Bossi.

 In the garden of the town hall there is a holiday in a period in which tourists are less, they are enjoying full silence and solitude. It will be impossible to fall in love. The only echo-rate noise to your breath will be the barely perceptible small waves of the lake that break with a certain musicality. After a stop in the municipal garden, then head towards the center towards the pier. Is this where we leave to reach the Island of San Giulio? The most important historical attraction of Orta San Giulio is undoubtedly the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, which is located on top of the “Salita della Motta”, a narrow stone and cobblestone street lined with beautiful historic buildings. Seen from above, the landscape leaves you speechless. We must admire the whole village, the Island of San Giulio and the crown of the Alps. 

Here there are many weddings: to get hold of the scenario, the aspiring married couples must put themselves on the list even years earlier. The interior of the church is a little too baroque for our tastes, and in fact we spend just a couple of minutes there. Having said that, the Island of San Giulio is a place that fully falls within the list of romantic places to go with the person you love. It is almost entirely dominated by the Mater Ecclesiae abbey, unfortunately closed to tourists. 

The tour of the island is walking through a single large alley, which I have repeatedly photographed. Overall, it can be said with confidence that the Island of San Giulio. It is undoubtedly an enchanted place, where you can amplify more and more love for your country. Visiting this place is not low season it is possible to enjoy wonders and silences that are scarce in high season for the high dose of tourists.

By Harriet