Belize may be associated with rainforest and the historical sites of the Mayan civilization however there are other places you can visit that are not just linked with these two things. It is a country which has a varied ecosystem and has a certain untouched feel to much of the country. You can spend time in the biggest city called Belize City or you can just relax on one of a number of beaches with some more secluded than others.

But as a tourist in Belize there are several places you should consider visiting whilst on your trip.

Due to its terrain you can spend time exploring a number of caves in the country but these are best explored with the help of tour guides and there are several companies that perform this service for tourists. However, you do not have to do it this way and instead armed with information and maps you can do them yourself and add to the sense of adventure.

If you have an interest in wildlife then a good afternoon can be spent at Belize zoo in Belize City. It is a zoo which only contains animals that can be found within Belize itself so in just a few hours you can gain an appreciation of the variety of animals in this area.

Although you may not have much interest in exploring the various Mayan ruins across the city it is still worthwhile visiting the museum in Belize City in order to just get a glimpse into the history of the country. It contains many artifacts belonging to the Maya and you can take your time to absorb all of the history and culture that surrounds you and lets you get a different feeling on part of what made the country.

Belize has a large number of nature reserves and parks with different ones placing an emphasis on particular types of wildlife. Each nature reserve allows visitors and offer information on what can be seen there but admittance fees can vary depending on the reserve. Searching on these reserves prior to travelling is certainly a good idea due to the sheer number.

Situated in Benque Viejo Del Carmen is the Poustinia Land Park which is a rather clever mixture of art and nature. It is more off the beaten track but it is worth a visit even if the journey there may be slightly adventurous.

To be nearer the sea you should certainly make a trip to the Placencia area with beaches, snorkeling and exploring the waters and their wildlife. Prices here may be slightly higher than elsewhere due to it being more popular and more accessible. To avoid paying these prices it does require a bit more work at home before travelling.

It is difficult to pick only a few places or types of things to do in Belize so this has been intended as just a simple guide to help stir up ideas before travelling. Looking into the country and what is available can therefore help you get the balance between exploration and a relaxing trip.

By Harriet

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