A gripping new TV show is set to uncover the gruesome history of a hotel plagued by a host of horrific deaths.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel hits Netflix today and explores the LA building’s deadly past.

It also covers the baffling disappearance of Canadian student Elisa Lam, left, who was staying there in 2013.

Here, James Moore reveals the places where some have checked in but never checked out…

Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles

There have been at least 16 grisly deaths at the hotel, which opened in 1927.

A string of tragic suicides included Pauline Otton, who leapt to her death from a ninth-floor window in 1962, killing a passer-by below.

There are unsolved murders, too. In 1947 Elizabeth Short, 22, known as the Black Dahlia, had a drink at the hotel days before her body was found cut in two.

Hotel Cecil, Los Angeles
The infamous Hotel Cecil was named a historic-cultural monument by the Los Angeles City council in 2017

And in 1964 an unknown killer raped, stabbed and strangled Goldie Osgood in her room.

Chillingly, former guests include two serial killers – the “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez, who murdered at least 14 people, and Jack Unterweger, who killed three sex workers in the city.

Then came the bizarre case of Elisa Lam. Her naked corpse was discovered floating in the hotel’s water tank in February 2013, weeks after she went missing when residents at the re-branded Stay on Main complained about the bad-tasting water.

There was no apparent evidence of suicide, physical trauma or sexual assault, and a coroner ruled her death an accidental drowning.

'Murder Hotel' Chicago
View of the World’s Fair Hotel also known as the ‘Murder Castle’ in Chicago, Illinois, mid 1890s

But puzzling questions remained unanswered.

Just how she climbed a ladder to get inside the tank with its heavy lid, after apparently accessing the roof via a fire escape without triggering hotel alarms, has never been properly explained.

The mystery has sparked a host of theories ranging from a psychotic episode to foul play and even the paranormal.

Stanley Hotel, Colorado

In 1980 horror The Shining, Jack Nicholson plays a caretaker at the empty Overlook Hotel. Its deadly past haunts him and his family with terrifying consequences.

Stanley Hotel
The historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, US, setting for The Shining

Stephen King wrote the story after visiting the Stanley Hotel in the Colorado Rockies, where he had his own paranormal experience in room 217.

He dreamt that his son was being chased down the corridors.

The spirit of ex-housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson, injured in a 1911 fire, is said to haunt the room, with other residents reporting objects being moved and a cold presence. Guests at the grand building, built in 1909, have also heard blood-curdling cries at night.

In room 428, a cowboy hanged for murder is said to regularly appear at the end of the bed.

Savoy Hotel, London
The entrance to The Savoy Hotel on Fleet Street pictured last May

Elsewhere, the ghost of a former caretaker barks at people to “get out”.

The Adelphi, Liverpool

Staff have reported seeing a mysterious grey lady in Victorian dress in the basement and a ghoul hanging out of a window.

Other ghosts include that of Raymond Brown, 15, a pageboy who died in the 1960s after getting trapped in the baggage room lift.

Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool
Exterior view of the Adelphi Hotel in Ranelagh Place, Liverpool city centre

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The hotel, dating to 1826, also has links to the infamous White Mischief murder case, made into a film starring Greta Scacchi.

In 1941 Sir “Jock” Delves Broughton was acquitted of murdering the Earl of Erroll – who had an affair with Jock’s wife, Diana.

He never shook off the suspicion that he was the culprit and killed himself at the Adelphi in 1942.

‘Murder Castle’, Chicago

Serial killer HH Holmes is reckoned to have killed 200 people at his World’s Fair Hotel in Chicago, US. He installed secret pipes in rooms to gas his guests and chutes to deliver their bodies to a basement where he would dismember and dispose of them in ovens and acid baths. He was executed in 1896.

Richard Ramirez
Serial killer Richard Ramirez aka ‘The Night Stalker’ in his mugshot in 1984 in Los Angeles, California

Chelsea Hotel, New York

In 1978 the body of Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols, was found stabbed to death at the hotel.

Charged with the 20-year-old’s murder, Vicious died aged 21 of a heroin overdose before he could be brought to trial.

Writer Dylan Thomas also fell ill at the hotel and died shortly afterwards in 1953 aged 39.

The Savoy, London

The luxury hotel was the scene of a horrific shooting in 1923 when wealthy young Egyptian Prince Fahmy Bey was gunned down by his French wife, Marguerite, in their room.

Despite shooting him three times with her own gun – once in the back – she was sensationally acquitted at her trial claiming self-defence.

By Harriet