While caravaning camping is an exciting way to travel the world, it isn’t always the easiest. Knowing what type of caravan to purchase can be the most difficult part. If you want something light weight, aerodynamic, and a vehicle that just looks retro and cool, you should check out the Eriba caravan.

This caravan was design by Eric Bachem, a German aeronautics engineer in the 1950’s. It is built with a tubular steel frame, giving it the ultimate rigidity and ease while towing on the road. Not only does this caravan allow for easy towing and maneuvering, but it also has the style and design that will suit anyone who appreciates vehicle aesthetics.

The Top 3 Eriba Caravan Models

Eriba Touring Range

This model acquired the nickname “pop-top” for it’s low height and a roof that pops up when you decide to stop and camp for the night. The low height makes for some great aerodynamics, allowing easier handling for you.

Eriba Forever Young

This model was made to have that retro look with all the benefits of today’s technology. The design is based on the older caravan models called the Troll. This is great for all you fans of the older models who want something with everything you need to travel in today’s times.

Eriba Feeling Range

This model is for all of you caravaning camping enthusiasts who want a modern look with all the modern accessories and technology to go along with it. Both the exterior and interior are made with up-to-date design in mind.

If you love traveling and touring the world, hauling a dangerous, difficult to maneauver caravan behind your car needs to be the least of your worries. Discover the relief and joy of traveling the world while towing a compact, modern Eriba caravan on your next caravaning camping trip.

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