Kang Isn’t The Real ‘He Who Remains,’ and Marvel Just Proved It

Marvel’s Kang the Conqueror is recognised in the MCU as He Who Stays, but the comics expose a a great deal far more effective villain presently stole the title.

Warning: incorporates spoilers for Devil’s Reign: Top-quality 4 #3!

Marvel’s Kang the Conqueror has recently been bested by the boastful and fantastic bastion of black magic, Medical professional Doom he has taken absent the Conqueror’s most recently-obtained title. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kang’s initially variant is known as He Who Stays, the final remaining variant after a brutal and bloody Multiversal War. But the writers of Devil’s Reign: Outstanding 4 #3 took the liberty of having the title from the 31st-century descendant of Reed Richards and granting it to a a great deal a lot more terrifying supervillain.

The most a short while ago Marvel crossover occasion continues in Devil’s Reign, a Kingpin and Daredevil-centric celebration that nonetheless consists of every corner of Marvel’s New York Metropolis. As mayor, the Kingpin makes use of his electrical power to outlaw superheroes inside of the city limitations. Although heroes such as Susan Storm and Reed Richards are locked away, the Kingpin utilizes villains like Medical doctor Octopus to maintain the peace. But Otto Octavius has his very own agenda, and works by using the Amazing Four’s Permanently Gate to travel amongst universes and locates 3 other Medical professional Octopus variants: Otto Blaze (with the powers of Ghostrider), Otto Howlett (with the powers of Wolverine) and Otto Banner (with the powers of the Amazing Hulk).

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The four Ottos journey by the gate when mysterious energy is detected the quartet are immediately quashed in a quagmire of their have generating. They’ve arrived in the dimension of Medical professional Doom – or rather Otto Werner Von Weird, a hybrid of Physician Doom, Health care provider Strange and Medical professional Octopus. Calling himself Doom Supreme, Doom explains his predicament to the other Ottos: he is the sole survivor of a terrible Multiversal War and “maintain[s] harmony inside our multiversal existence.” As this kind of, he is in need to have of a successor.


Doom’s complete expository monologue is to some degree reminiscent of He Who Remains at the finish of 2021’s Loki. Like Doom, the Kang variant was the sole survivor at the conclusion of a large war in between his other variants, and created the Sacred Timeline to prevent any multiversal incursions and/or timeline branching. Compared with He Who Stays, Doom actually manages to battle again in this timeline while Kang seemingly has awareness of the foreseeable future, there is a stage in the exhibit in which he is as blind to upcoming activities as his friends Doom has no this kind of restriction ( but he is defeated however as a result of the four Ottos doing work together).

He Who Continues to be was in the beginning a rather polarizing determine for the duration of the debut of Loki supporters did not just take much too kindly to a powerless Kang the Conqueror who unceremoniously died immediately after only one episode. But Doom Supreme, when sharing Kang’s penchant for incessant monologues, by no means hesitates to exhibit his ability on or off the industry of struggle. Kang the Conqueror may well be gone (at minimum as significantly as Loki is worried), but the comics edition of He Who Continues to be is Doctor Doom, the far more highly effective villain.

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