Today’s hotels do not just rely on quality personnel to provide the excellent service they are known for. They are also dependent on modern technology to help their business succeed and to assist them with their clients. One of the hospitality establishments in Singapore – the Marina Bay Sands – is no exception to this. And so to help it further strengthen its business, it integrated the IDeaS’ V5i Revenue Management System.

For those who are unfamiliar with this state-of-the-art application, IDeaS’ V5i Revenue Management System is a program that helps hotels with their forecasting and their pricing. By having this unique program installed, hotels are able to increase their revenue even more. Aside from that, the program also allows these hotels to look for the right customers who can give them more profit. And in any type of hospitality business, bringing home the bacon and having the right customers are two important factors that can help in their overall success.

Now aside from using the V5i Revenue Management System, the Marina Bay Sands will also be utilizing the SAS Customer Intelligence Software. This application – combined with the V5i System – will further increase the profits of the establishment by managing and retaining profitable customers. Not only that, but the two programs will also help in enhancing the marketing performance of the Marina Bay Sands. By having these two applications do all this, the company will be able to gain more income that can help its businesses stay afloat.

According to Grahame Tate, the Managing Director of IDeas Asia Pacific, the common goal of these two programs is to optimize the revenue of the different businesses that exist within the Marina Bay Sands. The applications will ensure that each one works together as a team to make sure that the expected levels of revenue and profit are met by the company. Tate also added that the establishment is getting a good deal from this since combining the two applications isn’t a normally offered by IDeas.

Now in case you’re wondering why it’s important for the Marina Bay Sands to have all this, it’s real simple: the company operates more than one business. This is why it’s considered a “premier integrated entertainment destination in Singapore. When you visit the Marina Bay Sands, you will see that it holds convention and exhibition facilities, a luxury hotel, the famous rooftop called the Sands Skypark, celebrity chef restaurants, a casino, museum, and its own theatre. All these will be able to now work hand-in-hand the moment the IDeaS’ V5i Revenue Management System and the SAS Customer Intelligence Software are in place.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the IDeas’ V51 Revenue Management System and the SAS Customer Intelligence Software, don’t be surprised if business in the Marina Bay Sands suddenly picks up. Aside from enjoying better forecasting and profit, it will be able to properly take care of its profitable clients. That is something all hotels would like to achieve to help them succeed in their line of work.

By Harriet

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