Ok, I have read the haunted stories, I’ve watched the Shining more than enough periods to know Just about every term in the motion picture by heart and I have walked as a result of the position a number of situations in awe and felt some creepy things but even THIS offers me the creeps even a lot more than any of these things.

In accordance to our friends at Outthere Colorado, THIS photo was taken by a visitor from Texas not long ago that captured a ghostly and flat out creepy lady peering out of a single of the home windows in the Stanley Lodge.

Now, skeptics may possibly say that it truly is anyone just messing around and participating in jokes to aid the lodge reside up to its haunted roots and earlier but to ME, it legitimately appears to be like creepy and incorporate to the fact that hotel workers verified that the certain room exactly where the lady was noticed was supposedly unoccupied.

There are a bunch of hauntings and creepy stories bordering “The Stanley” that it encouraged Stephen King’s horror common The Shining. So yeah…even Stephen King felt something when he visited again in the late 70’s.

Friends have noted several bizarre occurrences such as lights turning off and on, doorways abruptly slamming shut, eerie sounds of laughter, shadowy figures, and unexplained drafts and chills.

Now I will not consider myself a ghost chaser or someone who is a 100% believer in ghosts but I will say that I definitely felt chills strolling up the staircase proper at the entry…and that was in the center of the day with a bunch of men and women all-around.

YouTube/ CBS Denver



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By Harriet