5 Essential Things A Professional Wedding Planner Follows For A Mesmerizing Winter Marriage Ceremony

With the winter season approaching within a few months, the time for celebrations will also begin. The romantic and cozy feeling in every event makes the couples and guests feel excellent. However, planning ceremonies for the marriage may become cumbersome if you do not take services from the right wedding planner. To organize a perfect ceremony, the bride’s family should contact an experienced and reputed planner. They will handle all your loads within the stated budget, giving you breathe of relief. Here is a list of 5 main points taken care by a wedding planner to make your ceremony successful and memorable for the couple as well as guests.

Choose A Considerable Venue

Choosing a venue is a mixture of luxury and comfort. The ceremonies and rituals can be carried out in an open space and indoors too. The combination set up is an answer to your worries about the winter marriage ceremony. You can also opt for a marriage hall or hotel banquets to keep the guests warm.

Keep The Guests Warm And Thrilled

Nobody would like to see their guests shivering in the cold winter night as the nuptial knot is in process or they are running near the heaters to keep them warm. This may not be a good sight to witness. Thus, a professional planner will choose a warm venue and serve hot beverages from time to time. This will help your guests to enjoy the wedding without giving it a miss.

Glow Up With Beautiful Lights

Winters are dark, so you do not want your wedding place to give a gloomy look. For this, a wedding planner would glow up the venue and ambiance with a variety of lights. They make it a picturesque wedding by using a mix of chandeliers, pillar candles, LED bulbs, fairy lights, etc. This will give a welcoming and amazing look at the marriage hall or banquet.

Serve Delectable Winter Food

The food must complement well with the season as something cold may not serve the purpose. You can suggest adding a traditional dish of your choice that is piping hot and liked by the families and guests of the bride and groom. Moreover, the winter savories can be hot tea or coffee, pakodas, cheese fingers, mouth-watering street food items, etc. The main course will be served hot and include the dishes mainly cooked during this season. To satiate sweet tooth of the guests, suggest for puddings, hot Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Kulhad of Rabri, etc. to your planner team.

Couple Styling

The wedding ceremony is not just about good d├ęcor, food, or venue but also a big day for two souls becoming future partners. Thus, a smart wedding planner will guide the couples for winter styling to keep them warm when they are on-stage. Brides can opt for silk or velvet fabrics and wear warmer tights under their lehenga. Grooms can wear thermals or warmers under traditional outfits.

Overall, if you are looking for a perfect winter wedding ceremony, it is important to avail the services of a reputed wedding planner.

By Harriet

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