In this article I plan on showing you the best possible products that you should buy at Walt Disney World. We will be showing you the necessary items and then the fun items.


First things first you must always start with the necessary items that will help make your trip an overall success because you can’t have fun if you don’t have the work done.


The main reason that you should have a magic band with you at Disney World is that it is a cool little device that is watch size and it allows you to get fast passes and is much easier than carrying around the plastic cards all day that you pray you don’t lose.


Florida is very hot and it is very draining with the sun beating down on you all day. Lines are long sometimes and the park is very big so you will be spending a lot of time in the sun. At least with a hat you are able to get some shade for your eyes and also a little bit cooler with the sun shining down on you.

Might I add that if you get something Disney themed it just adds a little bit of magic to your journey and also a great memory for when you get back home and it just gives you a little bit of magic.


Florida can be very hot it also has weather changes faster than any other part of the world, basically. In a matter of two hours you can experience rain, sunshine, then rain again. With a jacket or umbrella you are able to adjust to these sudden weather changes so that you still stay dry and happy.


The worst thing that you can possible do while in Florida is to forget to bring the sunscreen. No one wants to look like a lobster and feel like they were in a McDonald’s fryer all day. Also too much sun could lead to cancer as many studies have proved. Also one good thing to look out for is Sweatproof or Waterproof.


Snacks! What could I not say about snacks. Well for one thing is that Disney is just a little pricey with the food so if you are trying to stay on a budget one thing to save some money and some time at the parks is to pack snacks. If you have ever heard the term “Snacks saves lives” you really know what it means when you are at Walt Disney World because let’s just say that you have a five year old and they are getting hungry and when they get hungry they get upset. So if you didn’t have any snacks you would have to go look for a stand that is going to have some snack, wait in line, and then buy them. You can avoid a lot of time, money, and pressure by just bringing a few healthy snacks with you.


Now while we all love the necessary items that we should bring to Walt Disney World there are also the fun things that you should get if it is your very first time at Walt Disney World.

Mickey Mouse Ears

One of the must needed items that you have to get while at Walt Disney World is the Mickey Mouse Ears. These can be bought at almost every gift shop here and the main reason that you have to buy one is that it is great to take pictures with and also you definitely look like you want to have a good time.

These Mickey Mouse ears can be customized with a word or something else on the back just to make your Disney trip that much more enjoyable. They also have other Mickey Mouse ears that you can get that have a different theme, like some have a Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, or R2-D2, from Star Wars. Both are very cool and they have so many options of these ears that you can find that one of your dreams here.

Picture of you at Cinderella’s Castle or with one of your favorite Characters

Now one of the best ways that you can remember your time here at Walt Disney World is to take a picture with Cinderella’s Castle or with one of your favorite characters because sometimes looking back on your memories there are Walt Disney World you couldn’t imagine a time where you were happier and experiencing the most magic.

The magic that I speak of is when you can truly be brought to your childhood again where everything just seemed good and everything was alright with the world. You didn’t see the real reason why people were fighting but you saw that we were all people and we should all get along together.

Autograph Book

Now of course when you meet your favorite character they usually have the ability to sign their name for just something to help you remember that moment with them. So for example one time I got to meet the Fairy Godmother and the time that she spent with me was very fun and we did have quite a few laughs, but it is simply looking at the way that she signed her name that made it just more personal.


Now I know it can seem like Disney Pins are a waste of money but what if your favorite Disney movie had a line or a meaning that just really hit you in the heart wouldn’t you want something to help you remember it by? While buying something big isn’t always practical and would be a little dramatic for that little memory, but a pin is just a little reminder of the little joys that we have in our everyday life.


Now while you may not get anything else in this list of things to buy YOU HAVE TO GET A DISNEY SHIRT! It is crucial to your entire trip that you get at least one shirt. It basically just shows that you went to Walt Disney World and that you had a wonderful time. I have bought a few Disney shirts and all of them I love because it either had my favorite character on it or it just even had Mickey Mouse himself on the shirt.

By Harriet

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