Could Anaheim’s Resort Shuttles Take State Money Away from Public Transit Countywide?

A struggle is brewing among the Orange County transportation officials and State Sen. Tom Umberg over his proposal to steer state transportation cash to a private bus assistance that can take visitors to professional attractions close to the Anaheim Resort District.

The concept, now a bill proposal in Sacramento, has aroused opposition from Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) workers who alert it could arrive at the cost of true community transit services, like buses, countywide.

Over the a long time, a majority of Anaheim’s elected officials have pushed subsidies for the resort and its commercial pursuits – a a long time-aged discussion about no matter if local taxpayers really should stake nearby luxurious lodge developments, expert sporting activities teams and theme parks – while continually resisting phone calls to institute tighter taxes on these passions, through matters like gate admission at Disneyland. 

By Harriet