While the issues regarding Brexit and the relationship of the UK with the rest of the European Union (EU) is still to conclude, this may pose a recurring problem for British living in countries under the EU.

The UK government, in its part, provided guidelines for British living abroad, specifically anywhere else in the EU. These guidelines are in line with the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration between the UK and the EU, which was signed last October 19, 2019. British people residing in EU countries are protected by the agreement and shall be considered as lawful residents of the same by the end of the transition period, December 31, 2020.

With all this, British people living outside the UK, or simply put, British expatriates, may be caught in the middle of a complicated situation. However, there is nothing to fret if you are a British expatriate residing in any EU country because if you have expatriate insurance, you’re well prepared as the Withdrawal Agreement is not your only source of right.

What is expat travel insurance?

An expatriate insurance is an insurance policy which covers expatriates living in the EU. The policy covers expatriates who are not older than 89 years of age and their dependents.

Specifically, expatriates who are legal residents of any country in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA) may avail of the expatriate travel insurance. Additional requirements include that the expatriate must be registered with a medical practitioner, or is entitled to free public healthcare in the country he is residing in, under reciprocal agreements with the UK.

Expatriate travel insurance policy provides for insurance documents and Emergency Assistance Card. Conveniently, the expatriate can immediately claim these documents after the purchase of the insurance.

Annual multi-trip policies cover unlimited trips. Expatriates may choose between trips for Europe only or worldwide. Single trip policies are also available for both European and worldwide tripes.

Also, the standard expat insurance covers adventure activities. However, expatriates may opt to have higher risk adventure activities to be covered by paying an additional charge.

The premiums and coverages of the expatriate insurance are in accordance with the UK laws, not with the country the expatriate is residing.

No residential requirements are needed in purchasing an expatriate travel insurance policy, making it easier and more convenient for expatriates to be covered by the insurance plan.

Expat travel insurance and its key features

Living abroad for expatriates entails lots of difficulties. The expatriate travel insurance policy can help expatriates living abroad, especially in countries under the EU or the EEA.

The expatriate insurance policy also covers expatriates who have pre-existing medical conditions. A total of 50 pre-existing medical and health conditions are covered by the policy, thus making it an exceptional choice for British expatriates.

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