Reddit Can’t Believe It Took Someone Years To Discover This Costco Favorite

According to NPR, Costco sells an normal of at minimum 60 million rotisserie chickens every year, but up right until lately, longtime Costco cardholder and Reddit person u/BigHug420 hadn’t been a contributor to that stat. “Been a member for 7 years but nowadays was my to start with day finding just one of the rotisserie chickens,” the Redditor confessed in a put up final thirty day period that has produced quite a reaction from their fellow Costco purchasers, many of whom had thoughts about the rotisserie chicken newbie. 

“If this is your initially rotisserie, ended up you at any time Definitely a Costco member those people earlier yrs? It really is like stating you’ve got by no means experienced a costco hot pet or pizza…..sacrilege,” u/sokali4nia wrote. “Have been you vegan this full time?” one more Redditor questioned, although a 3rd teased that the title of the Redditor’s biography really should be “My Existence, Wasted.”

Luckily, not all people was pretty as harsh. Some, like u/Ordinary-Try1054, made available their beloved hacks for getting the most out of Costco’s prized poultry. “Rooster pot pie, hen noodle soup, hen enchiladas…the opportunities are unlimited with the leftovers!” they shared. Other recommendations thrown out on the thread provided rooster fajitas, white rooster chili, and buffalo rooster dip.

Amidst all the roasting, suggestions, and tricks, u/PandaForceOne posed a issue that we are positive was on a several peoples’ minds. “What is the verdict?” the Redditor questioned, to which u/BigHug420 responded, “Very stable. I’ll be a repeat consumer from right here on out.” Welcome to the dim (meat) aspect, close friend, where by there are always extra ways to make the most of Costco’s truly lower selling prices.

By Harriet