Sonoma Wellness Tourism With Travel Zoo’s Gabe Saglie!


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Spring Extravaganza & Easter Egg HuntBig Al checks out a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt with some hidden surprises!

St. Hope Spring FestivalSt. Hope Public Schools is hosting a spring market full of food trucks and family-friendly activities!

Bonsai Show and SaleNow is the time for a new hobby… Bonsai Trees!

Allergy ReliefWellness expert Doctor Mandy Walia joins us with some tips on beating allergies.

Ohana Dance GroupA local Hawaiian school is showcasing culture through dance. We spoke with Bernadette Nakamura about their classes.

Teen’s Tune – 4/9Current Hits

That Guy EyewearBig Al was shopping for new glasses with “That Guy.”

Helping Hands EasterHelping Hands of Orangevale is asking the community to make personalized Easter basket(s) for one child or more and to present them as if they came from the Easter Bunny!

761st Martial Arts & Fitness761st Martial Arts & Fitness is celebrating their grand opening and the 3-year anniversary of Nine16 (nine sixteen) Jiu-Jitsu. Their program offers kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu for kids and adults.

Woodland TADAThe Woodland Opera House Theatre And Dance Annex (TADA) teaches theater and dance classes to ages 3 and up!

We’re Just Curious – 4/9Would you rather be able to talk to animals or speak every language?

CBS13 AM News Update 4/9/22Here’s your latest weather and news update from Tina Macuha and Ashley Williams.

Question Of The Day / Friday Dance Party – 4/8We close out the work week with Courtney’s Question of the Day: Where was your last bike ride? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend! Thanks for hanging out with us today, we appreciate it! See you tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!

Autism Awareness Beer at Knee Deep Brewing – AuburnPRIDE Industries employees who work at Knee Deep Brewing Company in Auburn are helping package a very special brew! It’s called “A Perfect Fit,” and the proceeds benefit Autism Awarenes! Ashley Williams is there checking it out!

Lodi Wine, Part 1Cody learns more about Lodi wine from the author of a book dedicated to the subject.

Good Day Rewind – 4/8If you think you missed something during the show today, here’s where you can catch up! It’s the Good Day Rewind!

Easter Bunny at Westfield GalleriaThis bunny keeps the beat at Westfield Galleria.

Iron Addiction Fitness TrainingJordan tells us how we can hook up our fitness routines with help from Iron Addiction!

Sistine Chapel ExhibitionBrush up on your Art History at this showcase of one of the world’s greatest artistic achievements.

Nikki DeLoach Joins Us!The “Queen of Hallmark,” Nikki DeLoach, is back with a new movie, “Curious Caterer: Dying For Chocolate.” She joins Cody to talk about the movie premiering this weekend, and how she (Georgia fan) and Cody (Auburn fan) can get along!

Knee Deep Brewing Company’s Autism Awareness BeerPRIDE Industries employees who work at Knee Deep Brewing Company in Auburn are helping package a very special brew! It’s called “A Perfect Fit,” and the proceeds benefit Autism Awarenes! Ashley Williams is there checking it out!

PS CuTeaFrom lemonade to iced coffee, a pop-up in Modesto is bringing her unique drinks and style to the area! Phala Song created “PS CuTea,” and she joins us to show off her drinks, and tell us where she’ll be set up!

Court’s Tune – 4/8It’s time for a Friday Court’s Tune! Today, because it’s Friday, Court has all “F” tunes! Play along with us!

Lovingly Layla ClothingLovingly Layla is a handmade clothing business specializing in childrens’ wear. Owner Danyela Reina joins Julissa Ortiz to show us her creations!

By Harriet