Synik gifts us with ‘A Travel Guide For The Broken’


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Lisbon, Portugal-based rapper/songwriter Synik shares his newest comprehensive-size task A Journey Guide For The Broken, a 12-monitor human body of do the job that shows the rapper’s expansion as an artist who is totally arms-on with his audio and artwork. The undertaking sees him collaborating with much more than a handful of musicians/instrumentalists and blends a broad array of musical styles and influences in a seamless way. Synik merges hip-hop with stay African instrumentation to reach a warm, fairly exotic, and special really feel throughout the task. The title is an ode to Synik’s particular travels, specifically his immigration from Zimbabwe to Portugal in 2016. It explores the complexities, tradition shock, and alterations one particular may truly feel when physically moved from one’s dwelling. Generally in English, the tunes in the album also contain African languages such as Shona, Ndebele (Southern Africa), and Kimbundu (Angola). Being real to his roots, Synik not only pays homage to his origins but also grants us an option to pay attention to a fusion of eclectic sounds.

The task opens with “Prelude,” which allows usher in the guitar-laden “Rukuvhute”  which serves as the fantastic introduction to who Synik is. The file slowly and gradually builds up into a climax as the gripping hook by Vusa Mkhaya comes in and cements it. On “Other Facet,” Synik will take us through the tribulations of an immigrant attempting to discover his footing in a foreign land and working with new obstacles even though “Underground” dives into the toughness and resilience of working with lifetime and whichever it throws at you. “Wega” sees the rapper sharing tales with people back property who have a various viewpoint of who he is but he uncertainties if they will ever get the real photo. On the title observe, which blends clean soul/jazz things and spoken word, Synik provides an emotional and evocative functionality that explores the journey of all immigrants locating their route outdoors their indigenous land. There is extra to unpack and on “Nevertheless Here,” featuring singer Debbie With a T. Synik shows tenacity during his each day struggles and reminds listeners that hard instances would not very last with a good mindset and a hardworking spirit to match. This is followed by the direct solitary “Much too Fly,” which is bolstered by an ethereal and chic soundscape, providing an uplifting and optimistic information for all people who might be feeling otherwise.

Other good tracks incorporate the reflective “The Way Again Property,” ” One thing Far more,” and the anthemic “Kutenda,” showcasing the rousing melodic general performance from singer Vivalda Ndula. From the album-opener “Rukuvhute” to the closing “Kutenda,” A Journey Guide For The Broken takes the listener on a sonic journey in which Synik’s lyrical qualities and vocal competencies shine to the fullest.

Born Gerald Mugwenhi, Synik is a Zimbabwean emcee/rapper,  at this time based mostly in Lisbon since leaving Zimbabwe in 2016. He has a number of releases at the rear of him, together with the floor-breaking debut album Syn City. Created by Begotten Sunlight and made in collaboration with legendary artists from Zimbabwe’s hip hop scene this sort of as Metaphysics, Tehn Diamond, and Jnr Brown, the album was lauded as one particular of the finest hip hop projects to come out of Zimbabwe.

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By Harriet