With the Covid-19 threat softening and things getting back to normal, all travel enthusiasts from all corners of the world can now visit Hong Kong anytime they want. Maybe you are one of the people who wanted to travel to Hong Kong but were unable to do so due to the movement restrictions which had been imposed by governments in various states as a measure to curb the spread of the disease. The good news is that you can now achieve your dream and travel to Hong Kong. But, before you go, you need to understand a few things. We understand you want a tour that you will never forget. You want to achieve something in your life that will inspire others to visit Hong Kong at least once in their lives. If that’s your case, we are here to offer you a helping hand. We did our research on your behalf and here we present to you some critical things that every person visiting Hong Kong, China should know. Visiting Hong Kong Travel Things To Know

1. Choose the Best Flight

You want to land in Hong Kong with a special feeling. If this is something you must achieve, then you must book the best flight services. Depending on where you are coming to Hong Kong from, you have several flight options to consider. Do some research and compare the available options to determine the best. You can search on the internet “Best Flights to Hong Kong from (your current location). Google will display several options – go into details and try to find what makes each of them unique.If you have hard times finding a reliable flight to Hong Kong, consider Cathay Pacific – Find out more info on their official website

2. Teach Yourself Some Cantonese 

Depending on where you are visiting Hong Kong, you may need to learn some Cantonese. There is a likelihood that Hong Kong residents won’t understand your language and this may lead to communication problems. Learn some basic Cantonese phrases. It will be very impressive when you greet the residents here in their local language. But where are your Cantonese and this is the first time you are visiting China? Well, you can as well do so online. There is a various online website that will translate your local language into Cantonese just perfectly. For example, Google Translate will readily help you. If you don’t have as much time to learn Cantonese, don’t stress over anything – Most Hong residents understand English.

3. Answer To Yourself the Question “Why Hong Kong?”

Sure. Before you even start planning your trip to the magnificent city of China – Hong Kong ensures you have an answer to the above question. 

This question simply means you should have a traveling plan. You are in a position whereby you can say “I chose to visit the city for these reasons…”

What’s more, you should have a plan on how to achieve everything you need. For example on the 11th Dec at 9.00 Am – visit Lantau Peak etc.

4. Book an Octopus Card

Travel experts in Hong Kong advise you to book an octopus card as soon as you land in the city. If you are wondering what an octopus card is, it’s a stored value card that you will use to access all public transports (excluding taxis). You can even book your card online if you don’t want to waste too much time. The card is bought once – you can use it for your next visit. 

5. Embrace Public Transports

If you want to see Hong Kong in its true colors, mimic what the locals do. For example, embrace public transports. Use public amenities as they do. This will help to create a strong bond between you and them. When you have a strong bond with the locals, your trip will be fantastic. 

Public transports are not only convenient but also secure.

6.  Know How Long You Will Stay Away

Assuming you’re a tourist from abroad, it’s good you understand the expected duration of your tour. How many days, weeks, or months will you be away? Answering this question will help plan appropriately. You will be able to plan for your accommodations, tour events, and other travel activities. Travel that will last only for a week will need a different plan from travel that will last for several months.

7. Tour Guides Are Useful

Whether you are a returning tourist or a newbie coming to Hong Kong, you are advised to seek help from tour guides whenever possible. 

There are various tour guides in Hong Kong so finding the best ones should not be a big issue. You can even choose your tour guides even before you leave your home. Simply search online and Google will present to you all the best options.

8. You Don’t Have To Carry Cash, There are ATM machines

As you know, moving with solid cash everywhere you go can be somewhat tricky. You can encounter robbers or even lose the cash accidentally. 

In Hong Kong there is no need to risk your hard-earned money – you can just bring your cards with you and get cash from the nearest ATM. 

9. Focus on What Brought You Here and Ignore Other Things 

To get the most out of your Hong Kong Travel, ignore things that did not bring you here. You visited to fulfill your spirit of adventure and not for other things. Unless you have multiple desires, an expert advises you to devote your energy to what you came here for.

10.  Know The Law

The applicable laws in Hong Kong can be different from the laws in your country of origin. Ensure you do some research to understand what is acceptable in Hong Kong and what’s not fair. This will make your life a bit simple and avoid instances of being drugged in a mess. You want to have an easier time while in the city, and this will only be the case if you obey the law. Know where you are supposed to be and at what time – in cases, some freedoms are denied.

The Bottom Line

The above are some crucial things you should keep in mind before planning your trip to Hong Kong through Cathay Pacific. Exercise them and be sure you will have a fantastic trip.

By Harriet