Tours in Aruba – Your Adventure Awaits

Situated in the southern Caribbean sea is an island nation with many enticing activities to beckon visitors to its pristine shores. Although most may head to the Bahamas, amazing Aruba offers more than what meets the eye with its peaceful and heaven-like beauty.

Those who love to get their adrenalin pumping will love Aruba’s many adventurous activities available at hand. This former Dutch colonial island founded by Peter Stuyvesant in early 1636 offers exciting yet adrenalin packed activities that will both indulge and heighten your senses with glee to the max.

On land, you can participate in ATV buggy tours or Jeep Adventure excursions. These exciting excursions are a safari-like ride around the island and it is the best way to reach the refreshing, crystal blue waters of the Natural Pool, or to view other famous historic sites such as the California Lighthouse and the Natural Bridge. It will also take you on winding roads through the countryside (also known as ‘cunucu’) which will allow you to take in the breathtaking scenery.

If you have ever dreamed of riding a horse, you can realize your dream here in Aruba. There are several horseback riding tours available which takes you through designated trails or just a gallop along the beach. If you have a daughter who has always wanted a pony, this is the best place to go. All of the horses are trained and your helpful Aruban Guide will be supervising so that everything goes smoothly.

The best way to experience the majestic rainbow of marine life is to go on an underwater tour that involves snorkeling, snuba, sea trekking, or scuba diving. This way, you will be able to see the stunning, colorful parrot fish up close and personal, as well as all the other friendly and ever accommodation sea creatures that inhabits the surrounding waters. Just put on your gear and off you go!

Alternatively, if you like to go the hard yards to discover a place, you may wish to go on a kayaking tour. Paddling around Aruba on a kayaking tour is a great way to view the island that most people never get to see when they visit Aruba.

What is in store, on the island or beneath this majestic slice of heaven on earth is beckoning you to come and pay a visit. It will definitely leave your heart pumping and wanting so much more with a wide plethora of activities available on Aruba’s doorstep. Don not waste any time sitting on your laurels, trying to make a decision. Just take the plunge and have an experience of a lifetime. You simply will not regret it!

By Harriet

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