When we think Chennai, we think tropical beaches, classic Tamil films and a rich cultural heritage. But the city is also well known for an impressive variety of dishes. These dishes are a perfect combination of health and taste. South Indian food is known worldwide for its unique flavors, which are a contrast to the Bengali cuisine savored by Kolkata denizens.

So, if you have booked a Kolkata to Chennai flight, here are a few dishes to look out for in the city.  

1.     Uttapam

This is a dosa like preparation which is crunchy, light and extremely delicious. They come with different types of toppings like onion, capsicum, chilies and tomatoes. Uttapams are made of a batter of lentils and fermented rice. The final outcome is a porous, fluffy and soft pancake,which tastes great with sambhar or coconut chutney.

2.     Rava Idli

Idlis are the staple South Indian diet, mostly preferred as the first meal of the day. Semolina is the main ingredient, which produces the soft, off-white colour of these cakes. These are an everlasting favourite of the Chennai locals because they are tasty, easy to make and easy to digest. The taste is mild and is ideal for breakfast. Leave some space in your tummy on your Kolkata to Chennai flight to savor tasty rava idlis once you reach.

3.     Dosa

This is a thin and crispy crepe and traditional breakfast food. It is paired best with sambhar and chutney. You can either opt for plain dosa or stuffed masala dosa. A number of places like The Chutney Co. and Banana Leaf in Kolkata serve fresh, off the griddle, dosas. But you must relish the authentic flavour in Chennai at least once in your lifetime. Get the dosa sprinkled with cottage cheese for a mouth watering experience.

4.     Puttu

This is a steamed rice cake, which is a popular breakfast preparation of South India. They are cylindrical in shape and made from coconut and rice flour. Along with Tamil Nadu, it is a popular breakfast in many parts of Karnataka and Kerala as well. It can be eaten with jackfruit, banana or even mangoes during summers. In fact, you can also have it with sweet black coffee for a unique taste. 

5.     Appam

After deboarding your flights between Kolkata and Chennai, do try out a plate full of Appam. These are prepared from fermented rice batter and coconut milk. This might remind you of pancakes that taste best with vegetable or chicken stew. Appams are light and fluffy and make for a healthy start to your morning.

6.     Filter Kaapi

A South Indian breakfast would be incomplete without the famous kaapi or filter coffee. To kick start your day, make sure to have a steaming tumbler of this delicious beverage. It is prepared by infusing boiled milk in finely ground coffee in a traditional Indian filter. This is served in small steel glasses and is loved for its frothy strong brew.

Most dishes from the South are nutritious and a perfect blend of taste and appearance. For your family back home, do carry some back on your flights from Chennai to Kolkata.

By Harriet