Among the lakes that deserve to be visited at least once for their extraordinary beauty, there is certainly that of Orta. Despite being small and focused, the truth is that it is a tiny wedding favor to be fully enjoyed for the nothing short of amazing things it has to offer. Here, therefore, in the svekta of a holiday, it would be advisable to seriously consider a visit to this lake and the wonderful village that overlooks its banks. We are talking about Orta San Giulio and the enchanting places that the village offers to tourists. 

Lake Orta, Italy - small and scenic lake in the Piedmont region of Italy

Orta San Giulio the beauty will leave you breathless and will convince you that the most beautiful places in the world may not exist.


 The first thing that deserves to be visited here in Orta San Giulio is certainly the Sacro Monte di Orta. It can be reached with a tourist train, which leaves from Piazza Motta. For the bravest, you can also try a hike all on foot. The Sacro Monte di Orta has in fact been included in the list of wonders belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage Site: a true masterpiece of art and architecture, with its 20 chapels, it tells the story of St. Francis of Assisi through exquisite Renaissance frescoes.


Located in Omegna and dedicated to the author of literature for (young and old) Gianni Rodari, the Parco della Fantasia is an attraction for families, groups and schoolchildren who want to combine cultural exploration and knowledge with the pleasure of a trip. Dedicated to the curious and lovers of beauty. The Parco della Fantasia is organized in three distinct areas, connected to each other: the Didactic Museum area, the naturalistic area of ​​the Giardini della Torta in Cielo, the Playroom area. 

The Museum Arts and Industry Forum Foundation

 Multipurpose facility created to promote historical research on the industrialization of Omegna and Cusio. You should try to give due importance here to the foundation, which for its part promotes the preservation of the historical memory of industry and crafts in the area, as well as the documentation of the technological processes that occurred in Cusio and Omegna, throughout history.

By Harriet